2019 Home Design Trends: Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

2019-Home-Design-Trends-Preston Retreat Cary

Moving along with our series, in this installment we will look at the next three 2019 Home Design Trends on the rise. In our first post (see here), we saw two of the four trends listed relating to the bathroom. This proves to be a continuing “trend” in the second of this three-part series which starts us “softly” in the kitchen before taking us “around the tub.

2019-Home-Design-Trends-Soft Kitchen

The softer colors like grays and light blues in the kitchen have become popular with new home owners.

The “Softer” Side of the Kitchen Seeing a Rise in Popularity in 2019 Home Design Trends

The next entry on the list of 2019 Home Design Trends is more soft colors in the kitchen. Whether a soft gray on the cabinets with a soft satin-brass for the fixtures. Or a two-toned lighter blue and light gray, the possibilities seem endless with the softness of color.

Houzz editorial staff member, Mitchell Parker echoes that sentiment, explaining in his article on 2019 Home Design Trends. “If there’s one word that describes the palette of many popular kitchens lately,” Parker declares,  “it’s “soft.”

Tile Around the Tub, an Affordable Way to Add Texture with 2018 Home Design Trends

Our remaining two 2018 Home Design Trends are both features that have found their way into many new bathrooms. First, number five on the list of 2019 Home Design Trends don’t take us “in the tub,” but rather to the area around it.

This trend that is seeing more and more popularity throughout the current year is Tiled Bathtub Aprons. The reasonable pricing and adding a bit of shine to the room combined are making this trend see a fast climb up the list.

Parker discusses reasons playing into this trend making the top five. “Tile is a great, affordable material that adds design points to a bathroom, and ordering a few extra square feet of tile likely won’t sink the budget.” He added, “The amount of tile needed to cover this minimal surface area isn’t much, but the payoff is big.” The Houzz blogger concludes, “That’s why many homeowners and designers are choosing to wrap the tub apron in tile or another material.

2019-Home-Design- Trends Tub Tile

Tile in the bathroom, especially around the tub has been an increasing trend also.

An Extra Seat is “Neat” for Extra Relaxation in the Bathroom

In the Houzz.com article on 2019 Home Design Trends, Parker refers to the recollection of designer Kristine Tyler when discussing the number four trend on the list. The trend is the addition of some type of seating in the bathroom that is not the toilet.

In referring to Ms. Tyler’s opinion on this upward trend, she felt strongly enough about this that she designed an option for extra bathroom seating. This would be a “bench, that runs from an armoire into the shower stall in the bathroom,” as pictured. Adding his own two cents on this inclusion to the 2019 Home Design Trends, Parkers explains the allure of the “extra seat.”

“Whether for brushing teeth, taking off house slippers or just idling away on the internet before work,” he says. “Almost every homeowner could benefit from having a place to relax in the bathroom.”

In the final post of this series, we will look at the Top 3 trends making this list. Any of these trends can be incorporated by any of the builder teams at Preston Retreat. For more details on the Preston Retreat community, visit prestonretreatcary.com.