5 Exciting New Housing Trends 

If you are planning to built or buy a home, remember that as technology develops, architectural designs change, and the environment dictates, new trends will emerge in exterior and interior construction. Trends affect the appearance and functionality of both single and multifamily homes. New home designs also accommodate the latest technology advances required by the Internet of Things (IoT). Existing homes can be upgraded with many technology options.

Control your security, heating and cooling, lawn irrigation, lighting, and much more through the IoT.

The Internet of Things
Control your security, heating and cooling, lawn irrigation, lighting, and much more through the IoT. Your smart phone allows you to check your refrigerator contents from the grocery store, so you’ll never run out of milk again. More significant benefits of the IoT include home security, key-less locks, doorbell cams, “smart” outlets, Wifi lighting, “smart”door openers, “smart” home software, and many other new technologies. Buyers of new builds can choose from many IoT options for an ultra modern home.

The pressures of climate change science require designing and building homes that can better withstand natural disasters. Conserving natural resources is also vitally important, and new construction techniques are meeting the challenge. Solar panels are trending in new home builds. The efficiency of insulated vinyl siding lowers energy bills, and is nearly maintenance-free. Technology has made it possible for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to drastically reduce energy waste, and modern kitchen appliances use energy efficiently.

Exterior Veneers

Have the beautiful finishes you want on your new home by choosing veneers. Stone and terra-cotta veneers give the outside of your home the look of luxury without the expense. Terra-cotta veneers can be applied to a variety of panel styles, and stone veneers on drywall are far less expensive than solid stone facades. These alternative options are strong, durable, and beautiful.

Softer Color Palettes

Trending exterior colors are using soft earth tones in a variety of blends. Clay, sage, sand, dove gray, wheat, terra cotta, moss, and other earth and sky colors are among the most popular. Popular soft shade interior colors include aqua mist, avocado green, silver gray, nostalgic rose, subtle blue, and butter cream. Both interior and exterior palettes include colors indicated to favor relaxation and a stress-free lifestyle.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood from vintage homes and other types of buildings is being reclaimed for use in contemporary homes. Much of it is used as flooring and looks beautiful with the natural patina of age. Reclaimed wood is also used in wainscoting, wall panels, beams, and trims. It adds a rich and unique beauty to any home.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a new home or an existing home, look for these new trends in housing. You’ll find some existing homes with nice upgrades, or can add them after you move in.