Cary Named Best Place to Raise a Family in NC

Best-Place-to-Raise-a-Family-Cary NC

With all of the 2019 “Best of” rankings and polls being released, Cary may be the most honored town statewide. A recent study actually echoed another we covered recently done by In either case, Cary was named as the Best Place to Raise a Family in NC.

Best-Place-to-Raise-a-Family-Cary NC

Annual events and attractions for all ages are factors making Cary the Best Place to Raise a family in NC

The annual poll by Wallethub puts Cary as the number one Best Place to Raise a Family in NC for the second consecutive year. A June 20, 2019 blog post by Wallethub financial writer, Adam McCann went into details about the methods and areas of study used in naming the 2019 Best Place to Raise a Family in NC. There are four separate areas that the Wallethub team uses to determine the Best Place to Live in NC and each is detailed below.

Family Life, and Fun: Where to go, what to do, and how’s the weather?

Each of the four areas used in the rankings is worth a total of 25 points each. The first area is “Family, Life, and Fun.”

In determining this area’s score, Wallethub looks at each town’s attractions such as museums, theatres, playgrounds, etc. Additionally, they rank for the number of families with children aged 0-17. Lastly, they focus on commute time and average weather patterns.

Out of nearly 90 NC municipalities, Cary ranks number six overall in these areas.


Cary always ranks high for safety. The great relationships built between residents and local police and fire departments help keep the town safe

Education, Health, and Safety: How are the schools and are my children safe?

Consequently, the town of Cary also ranks sixth out of the 87 towns judged in this category too. They receive high marks for the quality of schools in the town. Likewise, Cary’s safety rating is very good, with a low violent and non-violent crime rate.

Other items playing into Cary being named Best Place to Raise a Family in NC from this category was the number of children with health insurance, number of pediatricians, and air quality.

Affordability and Socioeconomics: A pair of “Top Fives”

In each of these final 25 point areas of scoring, Cary boasted one of the top 5 highest scores. For the “Affordability” category, it was basically broken down into the overall cost of living and housing prices.


Affordability, including the pricing on new luxury homes at Preston Retreat, weighed into Cary’s high ranking.

Lastly, is “Socioeconomics,” which covers the number of two-parent families, unemployment, poverty and the like. Cary has very low rates in these areas, and thus, the top five rankings for Socioeconomics.

2019 Best Place to Raise a Family Rankings

Cary was listed as the Best Place to Raise a Family in NC with a score of 75.87 out of 100. Here are the full top 10 rankings from Wallethub.

  1. Cary-                 75.87
  2. Davidson-        75.17
  3. Morrisville-      74.77
  4. Waxhaw-          74.66
  5. Holly Springs- 72.18
  6. Apex-                 72.15
  7. Huntersville-   71.18
  8. Mooresville-    68.75
  9. Wake Forest-  68.69
  10. Weddington-   67.26

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Photo Credit: Town of Cary