Blast Off at Cary Family Events as Bond Park Hosts Rocket Day


Do you have an aspiring, astronaut under your roof at your new home at the Preston Retreat community? Well, luckily for you on Saturday, August 24, the Cary Family Events schedule continues as Bond Park will host “Rocket Day.”


Fred G. Bond Metro Park plays host too many Cary Summer Events. This includes the August 24 Rocket Day.

Cary Family Events Letting You Launch on Your Own Time

On Saturday, August 24, it is time to take that model rocket and get ready for take-off as part of this most unique day among Cary Family Events. It is time to get that rocket ready and sign up with a group to run your very own hour-long rocket program. There are three different hour increments you can sign up for and then its time for lift-off!!!

There are several guidelines and safety regulations that you must follow. The Town of Cary has detailed these at their website. There are several areas in which these guidelines fall under listed below.

cary-summer-events-preston retreat

Another Cary Summer Event, “Rockets with Dad,” may have prepared youngsters for Rocket Day.

Rocket Safety Parts and Materials for Cary Family Events

  • General Rocket Safety Code Materials– The nose, body, and fins of the rocket must be lightweight and non-metal parts
  • Rocket Motor– Only certified, commercially-made model rocket motors will be approved to launch
  • Ignition System– Electrical launch system and electrical motor ignitors are the only acceptable types
  • Rocket Launcher– Rockets launches can only start from a tower, rail, or launch rod. These places are must aim within 30 degrees of the vertical to ensure a safe launch
  • Size of Rocket- Model rockets to be used at these Cary Family Events has several sizes and weight specifics to follow.
  1. Rockets will not weigh more than 1,5000 grams. (53 ounces) at liftoff.
  2. Rockets will not contain more than 125 grams (4.4 ounces) of propellant or 320 newton-seconds (71.9 pound-seconds) of total impulse.
  3. In the case, a rocket weight more than one pound (453 grams) or has greater than 4 ounces (113 grams) you are responsible to check with FAA regulations before flying.

While it may seem easy, the actual launch of your rocket must follow safety regulations and guidelines.

The Launch, Safety, and Recovery of Your Rocket at Cary Family Events

  • Launch Safety- A proper and loudly stated countdown must be done at “take-off.” Also, you are responsible to be sure that all present will stand a minimum of 15 feet away from the point of launch. (30 feet if a larger rocket.)
  • Flight Safety- You will not launch your rocket into clouds, at targets, or near airplanes. Likewise, you can not add any flammable or explosive payload to your rocket.
  • Launch Site– All launches must take place outdoors in safe weather conditions. This includes being sure the winds are blowing at less than 20 mph. Also, check for dry gas to avoid the possibility of a grass fire.
  • Misfires- In case of a rocket not launching, first try pressing the button on the electrical launch system. If needed then remove launchers safety interlock or disconnect battery.
  • Recovery System- A streamer or parachute will be in all rockets as a recovery system. This ensures a safe and undamaged landing for each rocket. The material used for these will be fireproof and flame-resistan

“Launch” Into Bond Park Events all Summer

The Rocket Day at Bond Park figures to be a “blast” for all that participate. The town of Cary does ask that any participants fill out a waiver form. For any further information on Rocket Day or other upcoming events, visit


Photo Credits: Town of Cary