Living in Cary NC : Safety, Opportunity, and More


Living in Cary NC is life in a town that is consistently praised in publications and different media platforms. It’s life in a town praised for everything from its safety and housing to its schools and entertainment. In this series of blog posts, we will take an in-depth look at what it is that continuously keeps them on top of these prestigious lists. In addition, we will arrive at an educated answer to the question, What is it like to Live in Cary, NC.

Living in Cary NC


Named the ‘Best Town in NC to Find a Job’ in a poll by in late 2018, Living in Cary NC puts you in close proximity to the employment-rich Research Triangle Park.

Cary NC is commonly known across North Carolina as one of its fastest-growing cities. However, for the rest of the nation, it seems the “secret is out” on Living in Cary NC. Over this time,  accolades and recognition for the town have seen consistent growth from a local to national level.

With close proximity to Raleigh, the RDU International Airport, and the Research Triangle Park, location is another perk of Living in Cary NC. This for sure has been a  factor in the recognition that has been heaped upon Cary in recent history.  Just in the last several months, Cary has been honored by respected names in real estate publications and websites. Time, Forbes, Niche, and Smart Asset, are just a few of these names having honored Cary in many categories.

Cary NC Awards and Accolades

Just in the past calendar year, your choice to seek out the new homes in Cary at the Preston Retreat luxury new home community is supported by ranking at or near the top for the following awards and titles the town has earned in just the past 10-12 months (where and when they ranked in parenthesis):

  • Best Places to Live in America (5, 2018)


    Highly accredited and honored Cary NC Schools, like Mills Park Middle School (pictured), have led to the town receiving statewide praise among the Best Public Schools in NC. The town continues to garner both state and national awards and recognition for excellence is many areas of life.

  • Safest City in America (1, 2019)
  • Best Place to Live in North Carolina (1, 2018)
  • Most Affordable Cities in NC (2, 2019)
  • Best Town in NC to Find a Job (1, 2018)
  • Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US (4, 2019)
  • Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers (21, 2018)
  • Number One “Boomtown” in America (1, 2018)
  • Best Places to Raise a Family in the US (3, 2018)
  • Top Performing Cities in the US (2, 2017)
  • Best Public Schools in NC (4, 2017)

Cary NC Employment

Likewise in raising a family, safety is very important, and so is the number of employment opportunities in a given municipality. Similarly, Cary NC Employment options are plentiful and available in an array of career fields. Job opportunities in the town are so prevalent that a poll done on placed Cary on top as the Best Town in NC to Find a Job.

In their analysis of Cary NC Employment, the Zippia team listed five main points that were analyzed.

  1. Unemployment rate


    The close commute from Cary to Raleigh (pictured) opens up countless opportunities for Cary NC Employment with a thriving job market and a continuous flow of new business streaming into the area

  2. Recent job growth
  3. Future job growth
  4. Sales tax
  5. Median household income

Being named the Best Town in NC to Find a Job, Cary scored high in all categories.

However, it was at the top of the 146 municipalities ranked for low unemployment rate and future job growth. These are two obviously important factors for anyone to consider when relocating. The article would seem to highly support that method of thinking. The piece concludes by urging anyone planning to relocate to consider searching for new homes in Cary NC. It reads, “If you are thinking of moving to NC and will need to find a job, we strongly recommend you start your search in Cary.”

The Safest City in America


The hard work of the Cary Police Department and their dedication to working with and for Cary residents helped in the town being named ‘Safest City in America’

Several factors get weighed upon before a final moving destination is agreed upon with any family. Cary NC has recently been named in a poll by as the Safest City in America. Thus, for those with children, the first question asked is “are they safe?” Moving to your new home in Preston Retreat, you can rest assured that the answer is, “yes, they are.”

Basing their final rankings on violent crimes per capita and property crime per capita, young families can feel confident in searching for new homes for sale in Cary NC, as the town’s numbers in both of these categories are the lowest in the entire United States.

Many factors outside of just safety and jobs will be explored in the remaining articles in this series. We will move along to look at the great entertainment, dining, active lifestyle, and all other aspects of Living in Cary NC. In conclusion, you’ll have an educated decision in looking at new homes for sale in Cary NC. Likewise, our series of blog entries will also help to offer an educated answer to “What is it Like to Live in Cary, NC”

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