Stability, Affordability, Livability…3 Reasons to Search for New Homes in Cary, NC

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The last post in this series explains many media outlets in support of looking for New Homes in Cary, NC. Continuing to highlight all the accolades the town is receiving, we will discuss affordability and housing in Cary, NC. Thus, you’ll have a better idea of why the town receives praise from many experts in the real estate field.

Most Affordable Cities in NC

With accolades and awards for everything ranging from entertainment to schools, Cary’s low cost of living may come as a surprise. However, as a result of a low unemployment rate, coupled with high median household income, recognition is pouring in for the town’s its affordability, too.

In the rankings of Most Affordable Cities in NC, livability.com lists Cary as second statewide. In addition to affordability, Livability columnist, Stephanie Inman noted the following about Cary’s high ranking. “We don’t just mean the cheapest places to live in North Carolina. These are places you will actually want to move to.”


In being named by nerdwallet.com to their list of Most Affordable Cities in NC, the fair cost of living in a town rich in the arts and entertainment, such as Cary has many areas of affordability including the fantastic Cary Public Transit System.

Areas where Cary scores highest to earn its spot as number two among Most Affordable Cities in NC were:

  • Earning Potential
  • Quality of Life
  • The City’s individual Cost of Living as Compared to National Average
  • Local Attractions and Their Cost
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Median Household Income
  • Public Transit Costs

Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers

The research supporting your decision to seek New Homes for Sale in Cary NC expands beyond state borders. To be precise, it actually spans nationwide. In a poll by nerdwallet.com, the town is in the top 25 Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers.

downtown-cary-park- preston-retreat

Downtown Park, located in heart of Cary, NC is one of the many free Cary NC attractions that make the town one of the most sought after for all new homes for sale in Wake County NC

In the article naming Cary among the Best US Cities for First Time Home Buyers, one major factor was “livability.” They focus the research in two of the most important areas that a family would consider when deciding to look for New Homes in Cary NC, safety and schools.

The Big “3” Reasons First Time Homebuyers Look to Cary


“Livability,” is not only a major factor that played into Cary NC being named among the Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers, but based upon several areas of safety and the great nearby public Wake County schools, it also parlays into a great decision to search for your new home for sale in the Preston Retreat new home neighborhood.

To explain in detail the 3 main areas placing Cary near the top of the Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers, see the descriptions below:

  1. Affordability– Calculated by analyzing data showing averages of a resident’s income to home price ratio and how readily available homeownership assistance is.
  2. Stability– This data is collected with a focus on poverty and employment levels. In addition, the overall health of the town’s housing market is weighs into this score. 3
  3. Livability– This ranks by the strength of schools and safety. More specifically, each of the following categories:
  • Total Crime Risk
  • Violent Crime Risk
  • Property Crime Risk
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Motor Vehicle Theft


Furthermore, our series of Cary NC post continues in the next piece on your personalized “blog tour” of Cary, North Carolina, and consequently the Preston Retreat neighborhood, where we will look at areas that the town continues to get credit and praise on a national level. The lofty praise that will be discussed in detail, include Cary named among the Most Desirable Mid-Sized Cities in America, the Number One Boomtown in the US, and Best Places to Live in America among others. For more information on all the great things going on in the town and for all things Preston Retreat including new luxury homes for sale in Cary, NC, visit prestonretreatcary.com.