The Heart of the Holidays Awaits at Christmas Events in Cary


Holidays in the Town of Cary are a tradition that brings together members of the community like no other. Each year, at differing points on the calendar, a holiday arrives and each of these individual traditions comes to the resident’s mind. No holiday tradition though is more anticipated that the annual Heart of the Holiday Christmas Events in Cary.

While the majority of the Christmas Events in Cary are scheduled on or around Saturday, December 7, the “Heart of the Holidays actually starts on Dec. 1. With a little touch of “history” added to that first event, there are four separate events scheduled for the Cary tradition that is the “Heart of the Holidays.”

Victorian Christmas at the Page-Walker

  • Saturday, December 1
  • 3:00- 6:00 pm
  • Page-Walker Arts & History Center

The first of many Christmas Events in Cary is at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center. The old-fashioned Christmas fun is offered on three separate floors at this event and is sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

1st Floor Activities

  • Carriage Rides
  • Victorian Carolers
  • Warm Cider and Cookies provided by the Garden Club of Cary

2nd Floor Activities

  • Triangle Folk Ensemble

3rd Floor Activities

  • Children’s Craft
  • Cary Heritage Museum

On All 3 Floors

  • Room-by- room tour in the historic, beautifully decorated 1868 hotel

9th Annual Gingerbread House Competition

  • Saturday, December 7, 2019
  • All Day Long
  • Historic Downtown Cary

For the ninth straight year, this is sure to be a favorite among the Christmas Events in Cary. Come see as historic downtown Cary becomes a walking gallery of gingerbread houses. Finished houses will be on display at the downtown business’ and visitors can cast a vote for their favorite entry.

Once votes are tallied and judges polled, one entry will be named “People’s Choice Winner.” Consequently, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place houses will be selected and all winners will be displayed throughout December at the Cary Arts Center.

Christmas Events in Cary: Santa’s Workshop

  • Saturday, December 7
  • 10:00 am -12:30 pm
  • Herbert C. Young Community Center

Children can enjoy making a variety of crafts at stations throughout the community center and visit directly with Santa while enjoying these activities.  

While at Santa’s Workshop, you can support the Cary Teen Council food drive by sending each child with two non-perishable food items or a cash donation for admission. All proceeds are donated to charity. 

Christmas Events in Cary: Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

  • Saturday, December 7, 2019
  • 6:00- 8:00 pm
  • Town Hall Campus

Of all the traditions, this is the most traditional of any Christmas Events in Cary! Come elcome in the holiday season with the official tree lighting for the Town of Cary.

The Tree Lighting ceremony will showcase the talents of local actors, singers, and musicians. Likewise, the “Cary Community Christmas Tree” makes its debut with over 125 community groups providing hand made ornaments for the tree.

Schedule of Christmas Events in Cary for Tree Lighting Ceremony

  • 6:00 pm- Variety Show on the south lawn of Town Hall Campus
  • 6:45 pm- Introduction of the 2019 Tree Lighter and words from Town Council
  • 7:00 pm- Reception at Town Hall

The Heart of the Holidays is for sure upon us once the Christmas Events in Cary have begun. For further information on these fun events and activities, visit




“‘Tis the Season” at the Cary Arts Center throughout December

Getting into the holiday spirit is a common thread across the Town of Cary. With great events featuring a number of themes “ringing in the holiday cheer,” it would only be natural that the rich cultural roots of Cary share in the spirit. Thus, both at the beginning and end of December at the Cary Arts Center there will be special holiday shows taking center stage.

Cary-Arts-Center-Preston Retreat

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever will run five shows in four days in early December.

Cary Players to Present The “Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

Adapted from the best-selling, hilarious, Christmas classic, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” comes to Cary Arts Center on December 6. This “yule-tide” favorite will be presented by the talented Cary Players and will grace the stage for five performances.

The official Cary Players website ( describes the play, by Barbara Robinson as follows. “In this hilarious Christmas classic, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids.” It continues, “Probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won’t believe the mayhem, and the fun, when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!”

Schedule for “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at Cary Arts Center

  • Friday, December 6 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 7- 3:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 7- 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 8- 3:00 p.m.
  • Monday, December 9- 7:30 p.m.

“A Mowtown Christmas” Returns

On the heels of a fun-filled sold-out run in December of 2018, the final weekend of December will see the return of “A Mowtown Christmas.”

After three completely sold out shows last year, Pure Life Theatre and the Town of Cary bring this hit production back for 2019. Running once each day over the weekend of December 27-29, the show’s return will no doubt be a hot ticket.

“Fueled by an exceptional cast, this musical revue celebrates the holiday songs of Motown,” proclaims. “Enjoy a unique holiday experience full of soul and joy, wrapped up with a message of love.”

Cary-Arts-Center- Motown Christmas

A Motown Christmas sold out for three nights in 2018 and returns for another 3 this year.

Schedule for “A Mowtown Christmas” at Cary Arts Center

  • Friday, December 27- 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, December 28- 8:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, December 29- 3:00 p.m.

The Cary Arts Center features the best in the arts and theatre from across the area both during the holidays and beyond. For more information on these shows and more great upcoming shows, visit their site here.

Photo Credit : Town of Cary

Cary Ranks Top Five Among “Best Cities to Buy a Home in the U.S.”

Best-Cities-to-Buy-a-House-in-the-U.S.-Cary-NC has released a poll listing the top 15 Best Cities to Buy a Home in the U.S.” The top-ranked municipality from the “Tar Heel State,” landing securely in the Top 5 was Cary, NC.

Best-Cities-to-Buy-a-Home-in-the-U.S.- Preston Retreat Cary

The town of Cary’s thriving housing market places it in the Top 5 cities to buy a home nationally.

Consistency and Strong Scoring Across all Categories for Cary

The rankings for Best Cities to Buy a Home in the U.S. show two major areas of analysis. From this research, a “total score” is then compiled. In comparing 300 cities across America, the personal finance experts from Business Insider looked to said two areas. These were, local real estate market and affordability and economic environment.

Looking at nearly 25 metrics within those two subject areas ranging from job growth to home price appreciation, each municipality scores of scale of 1-100. (100 being a “perfect” score) This score determined the final rankings of places to Buy a Home in the U.S.

A Booming Market can be Misleading

The experts at Business Insider explain that currently, “the real estate market is soaring.” While this sounds wonderful, the article featuring the Best Cities to Buy a Home in the U.S. tells a different tale. 

“Falling unemployment rates and rising housing prices have led to a thriving market,” it reads. “However, rising mortgage rates mean less affordable homes.”

Using the website Wallethub to help accumulate their final tally, Business Insider blogger, Hillary Hoffower further explains where the Best Cities to Buy a House in the U.S. are and why.

Best-Cities-to-Buy-a-New-Home-in-the-U.S.-Cary NC

A plentiful job market and a strong median household income in Cary all play into its lofty ranking.

Where and Why are these the Best Places to Buy a Home???

“So, where are the best places to buy a house?” Hoffower continues, “the answer is about more than square footage and architectural style. It’s also about how healthy the local housing market is and whether people living there can actually afford to buy homes.”

Cary was listed in the top ten of both areas used for the rankings among all 300 U.S. cities analyzed. The town had a final overall score just two points behind the number one city on the poll.

Cary, NC Rankings for Best Cities to Buy a Home in the U.S. Poll

  • Real Estate Market: 7 (out of 300)
  • Affordabilty and Economic Environment: 3 (out of 300)
  • Total Score: 71.07 (Top Score was 73.68)

For more information on the Best Cities to Buy a Home in the U.S., visit

Photo Credit: Town of Cary

2019 Home Design Trends: Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

2019-Home-Design-Trends-Preston Retreat Cary

Moving along with our series, in this installment we will look at the next three 2019 Home Design Trends on the rise. In our first post (see here), we saw two of the four trends listed relating to the bathroom. This proves to be a continuing “trend” in the second of this three-part series which starts us “softly” in the kitchen before taking us “around the tub.

2019-Home-Design-Trends-Soft Kitchen

The softer colors like grays and light blues in the kitchen have become popular with new home owners.

The “Softer” Side of the Kitchen Seeing a Rise in Popularity in 2019 Home Design Trends

The next entry on the list of 2019 Home Design Trends is more soft colors in the kitchen. Whether a soft gray on the cabinets with a soft satin-brass for the fixtures. Or a two-toned lighter blue and light gray, the possibilities seem endless with the softness of color.

Houzz editorial staff member, Mitchell Parker echoes that sentiment, explaining in his article on 2019 Home Design Trends. “If there’s one word that describes the palette of many popular kitchens lately,” Parker declares,  “it’s “soft.”

Tile Around the Tub, an Affordable Way to Add Texture with 2018 Home Design Trends

Our remaining two 2018 Home Design Trends are both features that have found their way into many new bathrooms. First, number five on the list of 2019 Home Design Trends don’t take us “in the tub,” but rather to the area around it.

This trend that is seeing more and more popularity throughout the current year is Tiled Bathtub Aprons. The reasonable pricing and adding a bit of shine to the room combined are making this trend see a fast climb up the list.

Parker discusses reasons playing into this trend making the top five. “Tile is a great, affordable material that adds design points to a bathroom, and ordering a few extra square feet of tile likely won’t sink the budget.” He added, “The amount of tile needed to cover this minimal surface area isn’t much, but the payoff is big.” The Houzz blogger concludes, “That’s why many homeowners and designers are choosing to wrap the tub apron in tile or another material.

2019-Home-Design- Trends Tub Tile

Tile in the bathroom, especially around the tub has been an increasing trend also.

An Extra Seat is “Neat” for Extra Relaxation in the Bathroom

In the article on 2019 Home Design Trends, Parker refers to the recollection of designer Kristine Tyler when discussing the number four trend on the list. The trend is the addition of some type of seating in the bathroom that is not the toilet.

In referring to Ms. Tyler’s opinion on this upward trend, she felt strongly enough about this that she designed an option for extra bathroom seating. This would be a “bench, that runs from an armoire into the shower stall in the bathroom,” as pictured. Adding his own two cents on this inclusion to the 2019 Home Design Trends, Parkers explains the allure of the “extra seat.”

“Whether for brushing teeth, taking off house slippers or just idling away on the internet before work,” he says. “Almost every homeowner could benefit from having a place to relax in the bathroom.”

In the final post of this series, we will look at the Top 3 trends making this list. Any of these trends can be incorporated by any of the builder teams at Preston Retreat. For more details on the Preston Retreat community, visit

Cary NC Halloween Events: So Many Fun Choices, It’s Scary


Several things symbolize the Summer season giving way to the cooler air of the Fall. The changing color of leaves, the crisper air, the return of football, to name a few. Here in the Triangle area, another highly anticipated series of activities take place annually in Cary. These happen every October, including 2019, when a variety of Cary NC Halloween Events are on the schedule.


The Halloween Mall Crawl (pictured) is an annual favorite among Cary NC Halloween Events for the kids.

Cary NC Halloween Events Start on October 25

Anyone familiar with the town;s Halloween-themed activities on an annual basis knows that you have a great variety of “spook-tastic” activities to choose from. These take place at several well-known locations across town and offer fun for the whole family.

Cary NC Halloween Events on Friday, October 25

Pumpkin Flotilla

  • Friday, October 25, 4:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Fred G. Bond Metro Park, Boathouse (Free Admission)

This annual favorite is one to break out the costumes for! Everyone in attendance brings their carved pumpkins and as twilight hits (6:30 p.m.) they are set free. In addition to the pumpkins “setting sail across Bond Lake,” there are the following attractions.

  • Food Trucks
  • Live Music
  • Face Painting
  • Discounted Boat Rentals

Zombiepalooza will return to the Cary Theater as part of the 2019 Cary NC Halloween Events.


  • Friday, October 25, 7:00 p.m. start
  • The Cary Theater

The Cary NC Halloween Events here are part of a zombie-themed block party in downtown Cary that is sure to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Both professional and hobbyist filmmakers will be submitting one to five-minute zombie films for the occasion.

Herbert’s Haunted House

  • Friday, October 25, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Sat., October 26, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
  • Herbert C. Young Community Center ($3 Admission Fee)

For the sixth consecutive year, Herbert’s Haunted House returns and is sure to have more chills, thrills, and screams than ever before. The Cary Teen Council’s House of Horrors awaits you and is scary to the point that parental discretion is advised. It is of note that these Cary NC Halloween Events are scheduled for both Friday and Saturday night.


This years’ “Great Pumpkin Carve” will be from 2-8 pm on Sat., October 26 at Downtown Park.

Walk, Crawl, and Carve on October 26

Getting closer to Halloween night on the 31st, Saturday night’s activities are sure to “keep the screams coming.” Whether you are looking to “carve, walk, or crawl,” the  events on the night of the 26th have got you covered.

Cary NC Halloween Events on Saturday, October 26

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Carve

  • Saturday, October 26, 2:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Downtown Park (Free Admission)

The Great Pumpkin Carve will be in Downtown Park. Here families can get creative as they carve their pumpkins however they would like.However, there is far more at this downtown Cary tradition than just putting cutting up the gourds.

First, you can bring a pumpkin to carve or select your own from the on-site pumpkin patch. Once carved, the pumpkins will be lit and displayed, before being judges decide on winners in several categories. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Carve Schedule of Events

  • 2:00- 5:30 p.m.- Pumpkin Patch and Carving Stations
  • 2:30- 4:30 p.m.-3-D Pumpkin Carving Instructional
  • 5:45-6:30 p.m.- Pumpkin Lighting and Judging
  • 6:45-7:45 p.m.- Family-Friendly Halloween TV Specials

The “Ghost Walk” begins at the historic and “spooky” Page-Walker Arts and History Center. Pictured is the Page-Walker Hotel in Cary.

Halloween Mall Crawl

  • Saturday, October 26, 4:00-5:30 p.m.
  • Cary Towne Center

A fun afternoon of both tricks and treats for the kids. Have the youngsters wear their costumes and trick-or-treat from store to store.

Ghost Walk in Downtown Cary

  • Saturday, October 26, 7:00; 7:20; 7:40; 8:00 p.m.
  • Page-Walker Arts and History Center ($15 per person, ages 10 and up)

All of the classic, haunted tales of days gone by await you on this tour. Presented by the Cary Players, hear the legends and stories of the towns’ spooky past.

Buses will take you on this the most educational of the Cary NC Halloween Events. The journey takes you to Hillcrest Cemetary with several stops on the way before returning to Page-Walker. The walk will be about one mile.

The awesome Cary NC Halloween Events listed above are a fun, safe, affordable way to enjoy the holiday. All of the events are located just a short drive from your new luxury home in Cary at the Preston Retreat community. To see more about the Preston Retreat new home community visit To see more information on the Cary NC Halloween Events and all teh other great things going on in town, visit

2019’s Home Design Trends on the Rise: Powder Rooms, Laundry Rooms, and What’s Behind the Front Door?


When a respected name in real estate has a “Must-see,” Top 10 List, people listen. Whether a realtor, designer, or buyer, knowing the latest trends is a good thing. The source we speak of are the experts in home design at Houzz. Consequently, we will look at a Top 10 from Houzz listing Home Design Trends on the Rise since the start of 2019.

“Open and Shut the Front Door” to Countdown our Home Design Trends on the Rise 

Home-Design-Trends-2019-Preston Retreat

Brightening up an entry way with some color on the inside of front doors has become popular

The above “play on words” aside, we start this first post counting down from number 10 on Houzz’s list. That being said, their tenth Home Design Trend on the Rise is painted interior front doors. Houzz’s “home design journalist,” Mitchell Parker compiled the listing of Home Design Trends on the Rise and spoke about the painted interior doors.

“Everyone knows that a painted exterior front door offers great curb appeal and a stylish first impression for guests.” Parker added, “But you shouldn’t forget about viewing the front door from inside your home, or about the experience of walking out through the front door.”

“Painting the interior of the front door creates a striking feature,” Parker concludes. “So, it’s no surprise that entryways with interior painted front doors are in many of the most popular entryway photos uploaded to Houzz.”

Home Design Trends on the Rise: “It’s a Wrap…in the Powder Room.”

Historically a room which designers and decorators have expressed a bolder style the powder room is the focus of the number nine entry on the Home Design Trends on the Rise. In describing this entry more specifically, Parker referred to these as ‘fully wrapped powder rooms.’

“Going for bold style in a powder room is nothing new,” Parker begins his explanation. “Designers tend to like to go a little wild in these small spaces often used by guests.” He concludes, “One way to go big or go home is by wrapping the entire powder room in a feature wallpaper or other material.”

Separating Dark and Light Clothing is No Longer the Only Color in Laundry Rooms

Parker explained the number eight trend, “Designers have long championed making laundry rooms enjoyable spaces to be in. After all, if you’re going to do a tedious chore, you might as well be in a pleasant atmosphere.”

“But lately designers and homeowners seem to be taking that idea even further,” Parker adds enthusiastically. “They’re introducing energizing colors, patterns and features to transform these spaces into enjoyable rooms, making them lively, cheerful and a bit quirky.”

“Fully wrapped powder rooms” have become a very popular trend among new homeowners.


Another trend ion the upswing has seen new home owners opt for double floating vanities.

“Floating” towards the Number Seven Home Design Trend

Continuing through the our Home Design Trends on the Rise, the next ‘entry takes us into the bathroom. With this trend, the inclusion of ‘Double Floating Vanities’ brings a spacious look to the bathroom.

“Many of the bathrooms featured in the most popular bathroom photos uploaded to Houzz include double floating vanities.” Parker adds his own opinion, saying, “…and it’s easy to see why.” He continues, “Floating a vanity frees up floor space to give the appearance of more room and makes cleaning the floor easier than with a furniture-style vanity with legs that can trap dust.”

10 through 7 becomes 6, 5, and 4 when the Countdown Continues

The next post of this series will detail more trends gaining popularity in the bathroom. Likewise, we will head into the kitchen to “cook up” one of our three Home Design Trends on the Rise.

These trends can be discussed when planning to build your dream home at  Preston Retreat.  You can discuss the trends with any of the great builder teams at Preston Retreat off your choosing. For more details on the builders and the Preston Retreat luxury new home neighborhood, visit

Cary Named 2019 Most Affordable Town in NC

The financial experts at On Q Financial recently released their results from a variety of studies they completed on the state of North Carolina. In the analysis done to determine the Most Affordable Town in NC, they looked at several areas that we will visit in this post. In the final listing, Cary sits on top of the list.

The town of Cary’s vast and plentiful amenities like the White Oak Creek Greenway allow residents to enjoy many facets of life with little or no cost.

How is Cary 2019’s Most Affordable Town in NC?

To begin with, one may ask, “How has Cary become the Most Affordable Town in NC?” When one considers the average home cost and certain other intangibles, this would seem a very valid question. Consequently, though, the main reason that Cary places where it does are several areas that offset and more than equal out living costs.

The first major area that put Cary atop the list as the Most Affordable Town in NC is employment. In the post covering these rankings at, they describe the effect that employment opportunity in Cary had on its high ranking.

“Having a low unemployment rate is just as important as a city’s affordability.” The article continues, “Speaking of low unemployment rates, the city of Cary has an unemployment rate of 5.6 percent, which is the lowest of all the cities that are on this list.” In conclusion on the topic of employment, it reads as follows. “Furthermore, those who are employed are privy to a remarkably high annual salary. In fact, the median household income in Cary is $90,250”

Cary’s Wake Med Soccer facility is another family friendly, entertainment option in the Most Affordable Town in NC.

Higher Median Income Makes for Better Cost  of Living

Plainly speaking, the cost of living is slightly higher in Cary, NC that some other North Carolina municipalities. However, when it is said that is “offset,” it is because the median household income or average salary in Cary is astronomically higher than both the state and national average.

This being said, the cost of living in Cary is actually LOWER than any other town or city in NC analyzed. This is another reason why Cary is the Most Affordable Town in NC.

According to U.S Census Bureau’s most currently released statistics, the median household income for Cary is 44 percent higher than the average for the state of North Carolina. Likewise, it is 35 percent higher than the national median household income.

Median Household Income (According to US Census Bureau Statistics)

  • Cary, North Carolina – $90,250
  • Entire United States- $59, 039
  • State of North Carolina- $ 50, 320

The Cary Towne Center is yet shopping option making it the Most Affordable Town in NC.

What Are the Other Factors Making Cary the Most Affordable Town in NC?

According to the research team at On Q Financial, there are three other categories in this rankings process. These are attractions and quality of life.

Basically, attractions refer to entertainment or amenities. Anyone familiar with the Town of Cary can attest they have some of the most incredible amenities of any town in the entire country, much less North Carolina.

In explaining the “attractions and quality of life” areas that helped place Cary atop the Most Affordable Town in NC listing, we can refer to the words of an actual resident.

Cary: Quality of Life and ‘Increasing Cool’

This resident submitted a review of Cary at the renowned real estate and “moving” website, They titled the review aptly enough “All-Around Quality of Life with Increasing ‘Cool.'”

In this review it explains exactly what On Q Financial meant by quality of life and attractions.  The “5-Star” review says, “Cary is up-and-coming “cool.” It continues, “The downtown is revitalized and growing. The town takes urban planning very seriously.”

She goes on in her review to conclude, “The Raleigh and Cary greenways are unparalleled. The number of parks is head spinning. Arts and culture are cultivated. Cary is really a gem.”

The 2019 Top 10 List for Most Affordable Town in NC

  1. Cary
  2. Durham
  3. Concord
  4. Wilmington
  5. Chapel Hill
  6. Morrisville
  7. Wake Forest
  8. Raleigh
  9. Waxhaw
  10. Apex

To read more about this listing or about Cay being the Most Affordable Town in NC, visit

Photo Credit: Town of Cary

Downtown Cary Events Get a Fresh Start with Farmers Fall Festival


On Saturday, September 28, the ‘Freshest” of any Downtown Cary Events returns to West Chatham Street. Just as in years’ past, the Cary Farmers Fall Festival celebrates the harvest season, sharing some of the most delicious and crisp produce and goods with those in attendance.

Like Several Downtown Cary Events…All Wrapped in One!


The “Chef’s Corner” area at the Farmers Fall Festival will show fresh, local produce being used in dishes on site.

Of course, the vendors will be lined up as they would be for the Cary Downtown Farmers Market at the Farmers Fall Festival. Thus, you can seek out the freshest local fruits, veggies, and other goods the area has to offer. However, at the “freshest” of all Cary Downtown Events, on top of shopping and supporting local farmers, you get the best in entertainment all day as well.

There will be two entertainment areas for this favorite among Downtown Cary Events. On the Main Stage, there will be “headlining” bands throughout the day. This stage will be located at the corner of West Chatham and Harrison Street.

Throughout the day, much like many Downtown Cary Events, there will be many events and areas to entertain attendees of all ages. Below are the areas and activities to check out at the Farmers Fall Festival.

  • Main Stage– Bands will be playing here from 9:00 am- 3:00 p.m.
  • Kids Performance Area– local children’s groups will be performing here throught the day as well
  • Kids Activity Zone– A variety of fun activities for the youngsters here. Bounce house, face painting, magicians, hand-painted pumpkins, and more
  • Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest- starting at noon right in front of the main stage. Dozens of competitors will try to be the first to finish their delicious pie courtesy of “Once in a Blue Moon Bakery of Cary.
  • Chef’s Corner Sprout Up- A look at “farm to table” cooking in a demonstration between 11- 1 inside the store.
  • Surprise Visit from Santa– Jolly Ol’ St. Nick will even be on hand for the Farmers Fall Festival to greet the kids and for pictures.

Brewers and Trucks!: Food and Beverage at the Historic Ivey-Ellington House


The local flavors of Jordan Lake Brewing Company will be available all day at the Farmers Fall Festival.

In addition to the local vendors and their fresh and delicious products, or those with their beautiful crafts, there still is so much more. The entertainment options above already set this apart from most Downtown Cary Events, however, the Food and Beverage also on hand truly puts the event “over the top.”

At the Cary Farmers Fall Festival, you will have numerous food options. These will include some of the best area bakers, coffee roasters and food trucks. Likewise, there will be a winery, a cidery, and several breweries on hand.

The local breweries at the Fall Festival will be the following.

  • Fortnight Brewing
  • Jordan Lake Brewing
  • Naughty Penguin Cidery

All of your favorite vendors featuring all of the freshest produce from Cary’s Farmers Market will be on hand.

What About the Vendors from the Usual Downtown Cary Events?

This Downtown Cary Event, from the Cary Farmers Market in association with the Town of Cary stems from the popularity of the weekly Farmer’s Market. Thus, if you are looking for your favorite vendor at the Fall Festival, they will be easy to find.

In actuality, these vendors who help make the Farmers Market the special event it is each week will be in the exact same lineup that they are on each and every Saturday throughout the season. A full list of all vendors has still not been finalized.

The Cary Farmers Market is open all year round every weekend. It is open from the months of April-November from 8:00 until noon. Likewise, it is open from December through March from 9:00 until noon. For any questions on this or any other upcoming Cary Downtown Events, visit


Cary NC Concerts and International Celebrations Highlight Koka Booth Fall Lineup

When the scorching hot summer gives way to the crisp fall air, a drop in temperature is a given. However, at Koka Booth Amphitheatre, the Fall lineup at the premier venue for Cary NC Concerts will be heating up with world-class talent and some fun with an international flair.


The Koka Booth Stage will be filled with names like Wilco,Kacey Musgraves, and more for the Fall schedule.

Cary NC Concerts for September and October Brings Award-Winning Talent to the Stage

Three multiple-time Grammy award winners and a local act that has gone worldwide will fill out the Cary NC Concerts schedule for September and October. Following the scorching hot summer concerts and events at Koka Booth, it would appear the “stage temperature” will continue to rise.

Cary NC Concerts at Koka Booth Amphitheatre- September/October Lineup

  • Kacey Musgraves- Saturday, September 14
  • Mandolin Orange- Saturday, September 21
  • Wilco- Wednesday, October 16
Cary-NC-Concerts-Koka Booth

The Pickin’ in the Pines Cary NC Concerts/ bluegrass series is a Fall favorite at Koka Booth

“Pickin’ in the Pines”: The Fall Wednesday Tradition at Koka Booth

One thing helping to “heat up” that fall schedule at Koka Booth is its Wednesday night bluegrass series, “Pickin’ in the Pines.” The incredibly talented lineup set for September and into October will for sure be a highlight among the facilities’ Cary NC Concerts this fall. An array of North Carolina based talent that has traveled the country and the world will grace the Koka Booth stage every Wednesday night through October 2.

Pickin’ in the Pines 2019 September/October Schedule

  • Diamond Creek- September 18
  • Johnny Folsom 4/Patsy Cline Tribute- September 25
  • Lorraine Jordan and Friends –October 2

Celebrate “Around the World” at Koka Booth This Fall

The 2nd annual Tacos N’ Taps Festival returns to Cary on Saturday, October 5.

Yet another “red hot” series of events coming to Koka Booth Amphitheatre this Fall are several international-themed festivals. These feature many different cultural aspects of the country or continent featured. Likewise, each culture is represented at the events by authentic live music, entertainment, food, and beverages.

Upcoming International-Themed Events and Festivals at Koka Booth (Event Start Time in Parenthesis)

  • Asia Fest- Sat. Sept. 28 (11:00 a.m.) 
  • Tacos ‘N Taps- Sat. Oct. 5 (12:00 p.m.)
  • Triangle Oktoberfest-Fri/Sat. Oct. 18-19 (Fri. 5 pm, Sat. 12 pm) 
  •  NC Chinese Lantern Festival- Fri. Nov. 22- (6:00 p.m.)

Koka Booth Amphitheatre is located at 8003 Regency Parkway in Cary, just a few miles from your new home at Preston Retreat. for further information on their upcoming Cary NC Concerts and events, visit

Once Again, for 2019, Cary is the Absolute Best Place to Live in NC

Best-Place-in-to Live-in-NC

Do not adjust your screen. This is not an article that is being repeated. We understand with the incredible and lofty accolades received on a seemingly daily basis you may think you’ve seen this before. Well, that is because Cary continues to be recognized for being a great, community-oriented town that multiple publications have awarded. Once again, the publication handing out the award, in this case, are the experts at They have moved Cary up from number two in 2018 and named Cary as the 2019 Best Place to Live in NC.


Amenities like Downtown Park in Cary are one of many reasons that it continues to be honored with awards and accolades .

A Near Perfect Rating for the 2019 Best Place to Live in NC

HomeSnacks looks at eight separate sub-categories in reaching its final scoring totals, called “Snackability” ratings.
They rank each of these areas between 1-10 based on their own research and data. However, HomeSnacks also takes into account the actual words and recollections of residents of each town they analyze.
In their own “Snackability” analysis, the Best Place to Live in NC, Cary scored an incredible 9.5 out of 10. Of the 8 categories judged the town received 6 scores of 9/10 or better. Those areas with corresponding scores are listed below.

Each Category of “Snackabilitry” Rankings of 9/10 or Above for Cary becoming the Best Place to Live in NC.

  • Education (Schools,etc.)
  • Amenities (Entertainment, Food, etc)
  • Jobs/Employment
  • Housing
  • Diversity
  • Safety

The parks in Cary, for both recreational and educational purposes are second to none.

Residents Agree Cary Jobs, Schools,  Amenities, and More are “Fantastic”

The author of this Homesnacks blog post noted the high paying and plentiful amount of jobs puts Cary over the top as Best Place to Live in NC.
“If you don’t have a job in Cary, you’re most likely not trying very hard. The unemployment rate here is almost as low as you can get,” the author said.
As for reviews from a resident, Home Snacks heard all good things.  “I grew up in Cary and lived there until I moved away for college.” The resident continued,  “Cary is a place for everyone, great for seniors, great for raising kids, and great for young adults and professionals. The schools are fantastic, there is a great selection of food, activities, and experiences.”
He concluded, “It was a wonderful place for me to grow up and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for their forever home.”
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