Cary Dragon Boat Race Returns to give residents a Feel and Taste of the Far East

Originally a strictly Asian tradition and a culture, the annual Cary Dragon Boat Race and its unparalleled  international flair is praised around the globe as a sports festival. The group,  Asian Focus, together with Town of Cary and Pam Am, are honored to bring the Cary Dragon Boat Race festival to the Triangle area and surrounding community once again. Since its inception, the annual event at Koka Booth Amphitheatre has businesses and people of our renowned diverse community all come together to promote our community, and help enhance Cary’s growing economy.

Each year approximately 10,000 visitors come to the Cary Dragon Boat Race Festival to experience nearly 100 exhibits and activities such as dragon boat races, cultural displays, games, health screenings, and stage performances.  The festival also features a wide collection of ethnic foods and delicacies, where the brave and adventurous can sample unique street food by local chefs.

This years’ Cary Dragon Boat Race Festival is on September 22 and the festivities the place at Koka Booth Amphitheatre, 8003 Regency Parkway in Cary. and is co-sponsred  by Asian Focus and the Town of Cary.  For more information visit Asian Focus or call (919) 460-4968.

Millennials Home Buying Trends find Cary among Top Destinations in U.S.

A survey on Millennials Home Buying Trends conducted by the real estate experts at SmartAsset has shown that one of the reasons that the town of Cary is the fourth most desirable location to buy or build a new home nationwide for adults age 35 and under.

Bucking the national Millennial Home Buying Trends showing that there has been a seven percent drop in 35 and under adults owning a home in the past decade, Cary has actually continued to see that number rise with in the town during this same time frame.

SmartAsset blogger, Nick Wallace, summarized each of the top ten cities where Millennial Home Buying Trends are most on the rise, explaining while detail Cary that “The city’s 3.3% rise in under-35 homeownership in the past decade is the third-largest increase of any major U.S. city. Today, some 42.1% of millennials in Cary own their home.” The article at went on to explain, “ The homeownership rate among young people in the region’s two largest cities, Raleigh and Durham, has fallen steeply over the past 10 years, by 10% and 8% respectively. In Cary, however, it has gone in the opposite direction.”

In compiling and detailing the Millennial Home Buying Trends accurately to be used in the final rankings the website explained, “SmartAsset’s analysis of millennial homeownership looked at U.S. Census Bureau data. Specifically, we looked at households in which the head of the household was less than 35 years old. We calculated the percentage of those families that owned their own homeover a ten year span.”

The blog piece went detail the ranking process once all information was tallied, saying, “We then ranked the 200 largest U.S. cities on two separate measures: the overall annual homeownership rate for young adults and the percentage change in that rate as opposed to its rate 10 years ago. We averaged those two rankings, giving equal weight to the two metrics of homeownership. Finally, we calculated an overall index score that ranged from 0 to 100. The city with the best average ranking scored 100 on that index.

For more information on the Top 10 Cities Where Millenials are Buying Homes, visit

“Pickin’ and-a- Grinnin’ over the September lineup at Koka Booth Amphitheatre

As always, world class talent in all genres of entertainment, music,  acting, comedy, and more are just a short drive away from your new home at the Raleigh luxury home neighborhood that raised the bar in the area, Preston Retreat, as Cary’s Koka Booth Amphitheatre wel comes not only 4 installments of its “Pickin’ in the Pines” bluegrass series, but also several other big name visiting talent during the month of September.

The first installment of “Pickin’ in the Pines” at Koka Booth Amphitheatre features Kaylin Roberson Band and Victor DiMarko headlining on Wednesday, September 5. The always popular blues and country series at Koka Booth Amphitheatre actually takes place each Wednesday throughout the month, with other taking the facilities’ center stage throughout the month being, Garrett Newson Band with Carolina Lightnin on the 12th, Diamond Creek picking out their sweet sounds on the 19th, and the final instalment will be a tribute of sorts, as on September 26, the sounds oif Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline will be replicated by the very talented Johnny Folsom 4.

In addition to the always fun bluegrass series at Koka Booth  Amphithaeater, som,e big name talent will also grace the Cary stage this month as well, with Old Crow Medicine show playing the beautiful Koka Booth Amphitheatre on Thursday the 20th, and Vince Gill and Jason Isbell playing on back to back nights, with Vince taking the stage on September 27, and Jason playing on he following light.

For any further questions about the remainder of the Fall schedule at Koka Booth, visit their website at

Cary Cracks Top Ten Most Affordable Cities in NC

Adding to the lengthy list of accolades that the Town of Cary seems to consistently get showered with on a state wide and national level, and again supporting your decision to move to the new standard in luxury new home living communities, Preston Retreat, has recently placed Cary at number nine on its list of the Top 50 Most Affordable Cities in NC.

Explaining how they arrived at Cary becoming 9th among the Most Affordable Cities in NC, Natalie Grigson of Movoto noted, Cary is a a veritable veteran to the Movoto blog. We first saw Cary as one of the best places in North Carolina, not just for safety and schools, but also for its high median household income. This certainly comes into play again in this list, because even with a cost of living well above average (116), with a median household income of $89,542, residents still make a median income of $77,191; one of the highest in the state.” Grigson added, “Cary also has a low unemployment rate of just 7.5 percent, compared to places like Newton, Hickory, and Morganton, where it is over 11 percent.”

In describing how they actually compiled the statistics and arrived at their final Top 50 Most Affordable Cities in NC, the moot blogger said, “We use the U.S. Census to find all of the places (towns, villages, cities, and Census Designated Places) within North Carolina with populations over 10,000 people. This left us with a total of 83 places. We ranked each of these 83 places across the criteria below, using data from the U.S. Census, with the lowest number being the best; and then averaged these ranks for an overall final score.”

The criteria she noted they used was in six main categories: food costs, utility costs, median home price, unemployment rank, adjusted median income, and miscellaneous costs.

To read more on Cary’s number nine ranking or to see the full details and listing of the Most Affordable Cities in NC, visit

Poll Names Cary Among Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers

Taking a look at almost 450 municipalities across the entire country, the real estate experts at Nerd Wallet have released their final 2017 rankings for the Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers, and in what would come as no surprise to you and your family given your recent decision to move into the most sought after luxury home neighborhood in the Triangle area, Preston Retreat, Cary was listed among the top 25 nationally and was highest ranked among any towns and cities in NC.

The rankings and final listing of Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers is determined annually at the end of each calendar year by Nerd Wallet using the most recent data that is available from the United States’ Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, with some assistance from both the online data provider Neighborhood Scout, and Down Payment Resource and as noted by the website’s blog writers, Emily Starbuck and Daniel Tonkovich, the information these sources provide allows the site to assess the availability of homeownership assistance programs that are able to help first time buyers in each of the 448 markets studied.

In addition to those statistics, it was also noted that as a side note, each of the towns and cities in the top 25 of the Best US Cities for First Time Homebuyers poll also were among the top in other important categories which a young family may look for including crime rate and schools and education. The three major numbers that were calculated, putting Cary at number 221 among the 448 municipalities across the country ere affordability, livability, and stability.

For affordability, which accounted for 40 percent of the overall scoring to decide the final listing, the final numbers were calculated using the ratio of average household income compared to home price ratio with the access residents would have to some type of assistance program also considered. Cary’s highest scoring area was its “Livability index”, which saw the town in the 82ndpercentile, and was based on the aforementioned crime rankings and the overall rankings of the educational systems and public schools. The stability factor was based on employment data and year-over-year housing prices and also accounted for 30 percent of the overall rankings.

To read the entire article on the Best US Cities for First Time Home Buyers, including the entire statistical chart on all 448 municipalities analyzed, visit

Cary Places in Top 5 Places with Best Public Schools in NC

In what comes as no surprise due to the many individual accolades garnered over the years by the different learning institutions across town, a recently released poll by has listed the town of Cary in the top 5 municipalities of over 350 reviewed for Places with the Best Public Schools in NC.

In explaining the methods behind arriving at the listing for their annual Places with Best Public Schools in NC, the Niche website explains, “The 2017 Places with the Best Public Schools ranking provides a comprehensive overall assessment of the public education available in an area. This ranking takes into account the grades of all the public schools of the district(s) that serve an area and weighs each school’s score by the number of students the school serves.

Going even further into detail on he rankings process in arriving at the Places with the Best Public Schools in NC, notes that, “Niche has the most comprehensive data on U.S. schools and neighborhoods. We rigorously analyze dozens of public data sets and over 100 million reviews and survey responses to help you understand what a place is really like.”

Moving on in their explanation, it is said that there are four main catergories that are used in the final analysis process, and these are:

  • Comprehensive data- Where the most up to date statistics from sources such as the Department of Education, U.S. Census, and the FBI.
  • Real Reviews and Outcomes- Over 100 million revies and responses to surveys from parents, students, teachers, and residents give Niche the inside track in helping tehm analyze and you to better understand the actual ongoings at particular schools in particular towns and cities.
  • Rigorous Analysis- Advanced algorithims and statistical techniques are cited as ways used to compare schools and score them individually.
  • Rankings, Grades, and Profiles- The thorough staff at Niche refines and uses the complex data gathered to calculate a final “grade” and then present there listing each year of the Places with Best Public Schools in NC.

The decision you made to build or purchase your dream home and raise your family in the new standard in Triangle are luxury home neighborhoods, Preston Retreat is one that certainly is supported by the lofty ranking of the Town of Cary on the prestigious annual listing of the Places with Best Public Schools in NC.

Downtown Park Cary Set to “Light Up” the Spring and Summer with Great Events


On the heels of its spectacular, recently completed “Town Square,” complete with the beautifully lit, iconic water fountain in the middle, Downtown Park Cary has not only been a major focal point of the revitalization of the downtown area, but is also boasting a number of fantastic, family friendly events in both the spring and summer season.

Described at the Town’s official website as “Truly a community gathering place, Town Square offers space for musical performances, outdoor movies, recreation, games, public art and simply enjoying the outdoors,” and given the upcoming schedule of events, these comments couldn’t be more true.

One such event is “Baristas and Bakers,” which turns Downtown Park Cary into an outdoor community coffee shop of sorts, where on select Saturday’s throughout the summer the Town of Cary website explains, “a selection of Cary-area coffee and baked-goods shops will set up inside the Downtown Park for visitors to purchase featured, seasonal, and favorite morning blends and pastries. While there, they enjoy the sounds of nature and small talk with fellow Cary residents.”

Likewise, the Downtown Park Cary will transform into a concert venue of sorts, for a once a month live music performance throughout the summer months as a part of the “Cary Live” concert series. The first date scheduled will be on June 30, when the popular sounds of “The Brevet” will take the stage. The other two dates for “Cary Live” at Downtown Park Cary will be July 21 and September 22, with an expected date in August to also be announced. Each concert will run from 7-9 pm.

Several other fun filled events will take place throughout the Spring and Summer at Downtown Cary Park, including “Playtime in the Park “on June 28 from 10 am until noon, “Park after Dark” on the evening prior to that event from 7-9 pm on June 27 and the first event of the Spring on May 19 from 9 am until 2 pm, when the area hot rod and classic car enthusiasts take over Downtown Cary Park for the “Wheels On Academy” car show.

Downtown Park Cary is located at 319 South Academy Street. For more information on each of these great upcoming events, visit

A “Star Spangled” Thank You From Preston Retreat

Our resident “Uncle Sam,” at Preston Retreat, Jay Upchurch was busy ‘saluting’ all the local realtors in the Cary area that have made the neighborhood setting new standards in luxury home communities in the Triangle area such a smashing success, giving them a red, white, and blue thank you in celebration of Independence Day this past week in the form of some ‘All-American food’ and beverage baskets which he personally hand delivered to each office

As a small token of thanks from Jay and the entire team at Preston Retreat, the “All-American” picnic baskets contained a true slice of Americana, as they contained both apple and cherry pies, as well as lemonade. In what is becoming an every holiday tradition, in accordance with the celebration of our nation’s birthday the picnic baskets were distributed  as a show of his appreciation a and the appreciation from all of us here at Preston Development whose hard work and dedication to their craft have helped make prospective home buyers find their family’s new dream home at Preston Retreat.

We thank all of our Cary realtor friends for their support of Preston Retreat and hope they all enjoyed their Independence Day.

Cary Placed in Top 5 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC

Citing an incredible public school system, and placing them tied for the highest overall possible grade in their in depth analysis of all municipalities state wide, the team of experts at placed the town of Cary once again in the top 5 among 100 North Carolina cities analyzed in ranking the 2018 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC.

“The 2018 Best Places to Raise a Family ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of key factors that are meaningful for families at the place level,” was the explanation of the system used by Niche in ranking the Best Places to Raise a Family in NC. The explanation continued, “This grade takes into account key factors, the quality of local schools, safety, affordability, and access to family amenities, in an attempt to measure the appeal of an area for families.”

Maybe the most accurate description of Cary’s lofty ranking among the 2018 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC rankings was voiced by a resident, who was one of 35 community members who weighed in with their comments about the town on, saying, “Cary is a GREAT place to live especially if you have kids. The schools are fantastic. It’s near RTP which is a plus if you’re in need of a job. The diversity is amazing. We have a lot of people coming in from different countries as well as many first generation families. It’s also near a lot of technology companies, which again is a plus if you’re looking for a job or wanting to go into that field. The only downside of Cary would be that you really need a car. It’s not a very walkable area. Many establishments are spread out. Speaking of establishments, major hangout spots include Park West Village and Parkside Commons. Keep in mind that many of the residents of Cary are part of the upper-middle class. If someone comes of as pretentious they are most likely not meaning to. Cary citizens really do have your best interest at heart.”
Cary not only was listed as one of the number 3 overall town among Best Places to Live in NC by Niche, but they also received the highest overall grade the website gives out, an “A-Plus,” with great public schools, high resident education levels, and a low unemployment rate noted as some of the factors behind the grade., which was founded in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University students has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest content startups in the country, researching and providing reviews, insight, and studies that result in content to aid in major life decisions such as the Best Places to Raise a Family in NC rankings.

To view the entire listing of the 2018 Best Places to Raise a Family in North Carolina as well as detailed statistics on the Town of Cary accumulated in their in depth research aimed at helping families and individual find the best choices in location, schools, and many other aspects of life, visit

A Token of Thanks for Helping to “Beat the Heat” at Preston Retreat

As noted on the special “thank you” gift baskets that were delivered this past week to eleven different offices hosting the hard working realtors that have helped  Preston Retreat achieve the smashing success it has to date, the neighborhood has been the most “hotter-than-hot community” in all Triangle area luxury new home neighborhoods, so in accordance with the kick off of summer we wanted to show our appreciation.

This past week, baskets filled with delicious goodies from the Blue Moon Bakery and Cafe in Cary proclaiming “Summer is Heating Up at Preston Retreat” were hand delivered by Builder Sales Representative, Jay Upchurch, who made his rounds to all 11 of the local realtor offices to give a personal thank you to the hard workers that have helped us in providing prospective home buyers with an outlet to find their family’s dream home, while giving Jay and the Preston team a bit of maximum “SPF” (Selling Preston Fast!) to be sure with the sizzling  sales being seen this summer thus far that no one “winds up burned.”

As a small token of thanks from Jay and the entire team at Preston Retreat, the sweet treats pictured were distributed  to our favorite Cary realtors, whose hard work and dedication to their craft have helped make prospective home buyers avoid a case of “the Summertime Blues,” when searching for their perfect fit.

We thank all of our Cary realtor friends for their support of Preston Retreat and look forward to things continuing to “heat up” all summer long in the community.