Five Energizing Tips to Survive the Work Day

Is the typical workday making you feel exhausted before it’s even over? Read further to review strategies to give yourself an extra boost of mental and physical energy throughout the day, in order to survive the day.


1. Exercise at work

It is surprising how easy it actually is to sneak in a few minutes of exercise, even if you are stuck at a desk all day long. Consider a stand up computer desk or a desk attached to a treadmill. Phone calls can easily be done while walking at a light to medium walking pace. Or, if that is not a realistic luxury, watch the clock and make a plan to walk down the hall at least once an hour to get the circulation flowing. Use the excuse of filling up a water bottle, using the washroom, or by honestly announcing you are stretching your legs. Other discreet forms of exercise include balancing on one leg while resting one foot on top of the other, or, holding a squat position for a few seconds each time you stand for a mini buttock workout.

2. Maintain hydration

Getting dehydrated can lead to feeling sluggish and fatigued. Ensure hydration is maintained throughout the day with motivating tricks to drink water regularly. Consider having a drink of water at every hour mark during the day, or mark lines on a clear water bottle for hourly intake goals. How do you know if you are drinking enough? Your urine will be clear and will not have a foul odor. As a reminder, avoid caffeinated drinks as these cause dehydration.

3. Energy enhancing snacks

Avoid simple sugars that provide a quick rush of energy, only to come crashing down an hour or two later. Instead, select nutritious snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables along with protein and complex carbohydrates. For example, cheese and whole grain crackers provide energy that lasts for a longer duration than simple sugars or white bread products.

4. Fresh air

Use your break time wisely and get outside, even for a short bout of fresh air. Dress appropriately for the weather so that cold temperatures cannot be an excuse for staying inside. To really use your break time wisely, get outside and go for a walk. You will definitely come back feeling refreshed by combining fresh air, exercise, and deep breathing while walking. For added motivation, find a colleague to join you and inspire each other to make it a regular routine.

5. Laughter

Laughter has long been known as a tool for decreasing stress. Proposed theories include that laughter can increase oxygen uptake as well as endorphin levels, the feel good hormone secreted within the brain. Consider using break periods to either share a humorous story with a colleague or watch a short comedy skit online. Just as a reminder, keep the material respectful and be mindful of your colleague’s comfort and culture.

Work can be a long and tedious event, however, until you strike it rich with the lottery it is a reality endured to pay bills and, with any luck, to achieve some personal growth and career satisfaction. Getting a healthy boost of energy mid-day can help cope with fatigue and, potentially, improve work performance.

SourceRaja, V. Antony Joe. “A Study on Occupational Stress of Employees In Information Technology.” International Journal 6.7 (2015).