Great Schools and Family Atmosphere Have many Looking for Cary NC New Homes for sale


The reasons seem to be endless in support of your search for Cary NC New Homes for sale. However, accolades in two crucial areas recently bestowed on the town may finalize your search. Sure, you found your dream home at Preston Retreat. But most noteworthy, you also put loved ones in a desirable spot. This is because Cary is among the state’s best locations to raise a family and for their great schools.

Best Places to Raise a Family in North Carolina

best-places-to-raise-a-familiy-in-NC-Preston Retreat

A great variety of parks and events hosted for families and children, like Fred G. Bond Metro Park (pictured) help make Cary one of the Best Places to raise a family in NC. is dedicated to “helping you discover the schools, companies, and neighborhoods that are right for you.” Thus, they can assist you to learn more before you decide on any Cary NC New Homes for sale.

Consequently, the website named Cary in its top 10 for 2019 Best Places to Raise a Family in NC poll. Research gathered on over 350 municipalities led to the rankings. Certainly, this study points toward Cary NC New Homes for sale as a good idea for you based on their areas of strength.

Areas which Niche gave Cary an “A” grade, resulting in it being among the top Best Places to Raise a Family in NC are as follows.

  • Good for Families
  • Health and Fitness
  • Public Schools
  • Housing
  • Jobs
  • Diversity
  • Outdoor Activities
best-public-schools-in-nc-Preston Retreat

Cary received high marks across the board from for its great public schools like Panther Creek High School (pictured)

Best Public Schools in NC

Maybe the biggest selling point of Cary NC New Homes for sale is their schools. Similarly to the above ranking, Niche also places Cary among the tops in Best Public Schools in NC.

Niche explained how they arrived at the final list placing Cary 6th out of over 350 analyzed for Best Public Schools in NC. “This ranking takes into account the grades of all the public schools of the district(s) that serve an area.” It continues, “…and weighs each school’s score by the number of students the school serves.”

Consequently, it does go into further detail on the criteria for Best Public Schools in NC, which is shown below.

  • Comprehensive Data– Where the most up to date statistics from sources such as the Department of Education, U.S. Census, and the FBI.
  • Real Reviews and Outcomes– Over 100 million reviews and responses to surveys from parents, students, teachers, and residents give Niche the inside track in helping them analyze and you to better understand the actual ongoings at particular schools in particular towns and cities.
  • Rigorous Analysis– Advanced algorithms and statistical techniques are cited as ways used to compare schools and score them individually.
  • Rankings, Grades, and Profiles– Niche refines and uses the complex data gathered. They calculate a final “grade” from this information. Hence, they present there listing each year of the Places with Best Public Schools in NC.

Residents Love Cary!

cary-nc-new-homes-for-sale-Preston Retreat

Activities and groups (like Cary Teen Council shown here) to get the resident youth of Cary involved in town or just for hobbies is another reason young families are searching for Cary NC new homes for sale

As if you needed any more data backing your decision to move to Preston Retreat in Cary. Even more obvious in your search for Cary NC New Homes for sale and the support of the above facts is how much residents love the town. In conclusion, one such resident left the following review on Niche.

“Cary is a GREAT place to live especially if you have kids. The schools are fantastic. It’s near RTP which is a plus if you’re in need of a job.” The resident review finished by saying, ” The diversity is amazing. Cary citizens really do have your best interest at heart.” For more info on the remaining homesites available at Preston Retreat, visit here.