Looking for adventure, but don’t want to stray far from home? Look no further than the Challenge Course at Bond Park in Cary.

The Challenge Course, dedicated in 1994, is an outdoor learning facility that focuses on teamwork and team development that is utilized by various groups including corporate, camps, Scouts, youth groups, churches, sports teams, families and friends, birthday parties, government agencies, public service groups and more. Reservations are required and need to be made at least three weeks in advance. Popular days of the week are Tuesday-Thursday with spring and fall requests filling up quickly because of the more pleasant weather. Feedback on the program: “Great Team building event, very fun and productive.”

Trained facilitators guide groups of eight or more participants age 10 and older through activities that focus on building cooperation, trust, leadership, communication and more while taking participants through a variety of challenging activities on the Low Course, the High course or a combination depending on whether groups choose a full-day or half-day program. Most programs average about 25 people, but larger groups are accommodated on the Low Team building Course.

The Low Course features more than 100 team-building options that are on or near the ground, usually not exceeding 18 inches. Activities are based on goals, objectives and abilities of each group. Sample activities include All Aboard: Getting the whole team ‘on board’ the small platform for success, Multi-Vine: Getting the whole team across the gap using cable and ropes, Pipeline: Designing a pipeline to transport ‘hazardous waste’ and put it in a decontamination container, Zig Zag: Building a walkway to get the whole team across the ‘molten lava’ to escape and The Wall.

The High Course provides a more individual experience taking participants 35 feet into the treetops of Bond Park using harnesses, helmets and other safety equipment to maintain safety. Participants climb, balance, swing, zip and challenge themselves through an obstacle course in the trees. After finishing Ground School which gives a sample of what the high course will be like while closer to the ground, participants head up the Log Ladder and make their way onto the high course. Then there is Earthquake Bridge a bridge of swinging boards. The High Course culminates with a 275-feet long Zip Line.

With a combo program, teams can experience the low course and highlight it with a high adventure activity by adding the Giant Swing or Leap of Faith. The Giant Swing, one of the more challenging elements on the course, is a giant “playground” swing where participants wear a harness and are attached to the swing. Team members pull the swinger to a height of his/her choosing, not to exceed 25 feet. The Swinger pull the release cord and swings back and forth until they slow down. With the Leap of Faith participants climb a tree using pegs to a 40-feet high platform and jump off. The rest of the team is responsible for catching the climber and lowering him/her to the ground using safety equipment and training provided.

Not part of a group or you just want to tackle the course on your own? Cary also schedules programs throughout the year for individuals to participate on the course. Sample programs include knot tying, zip line, and more are included in the Outdoor Recreation section in the town’s Seasonal Brochure. The next available date for individuals to register for our High Course is on August 12. There are three sessions to choose from: 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Registrants can expect to spend two to three hours completing the course.

Don’t want to schedule activities in advance? At 310 acres, Bond Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Wake County and features a boathouse as well as more than four miles of paved and unpaved hiking trails that provide opportunities for fitness and nature exploration.