Cary NC Greenway Celebrating 40th Anniversary

Cary-NC-Greenways-Preston Retreat

As the calendar turns from 2018 into the new year of 2019, the town of Cary wil begin a year long celebration featuring numerous outdoor living activities and active lifestyle events in accordance with the 40thanniversary of the Cary NC Greenway.

Currently boasting upwards of 30 public parks and natural areas, more than 70 miles of a spectacular greenway system, and several outdoor special use facilities, sports venues and facilities, all with in just a short distance of your new home at Preston Retreat, the Town of Cary supports and continues to look at new ways and options to develop opportunities for pedestrians and outdoor activists alike along the Cary NC Greenway.

For those not familiar with the Cary NC Greenway or a greenway in general, the town’s official website defines a greenway as “a linear parcel of land set aside to preserve open space. Greenway are generally located in floodplain areas, along wooded stream corridors unsuitable for development.” Explaining this with a more local focus, the website added, “Cary’s greenway trails provide access to these pristine areas that otherwise would have been lost.”

Starting way back in 1980, the town began building the Cary NC greenway, “to bring open spaces within easy walking distance of our homes.” Again, referring to the town website, thy detail the many ways that the Cary NC Greenways can enhance one’s life, listing that they:

  • Providing a recreational amenity for walking, jogging, and bicycling in a natural setting remote from traffic
  • Preserving pristine open space to enhance Cary’s quality of life
  • Linking our neighborhoods with parks, schools, community centers, and other neighborhoods
  • Helping control stormwater runoff, curb erosion, and minimize flooding which can damage our property
  • Improving Cary’s water quality by buffering streams, filtering pollutants, and recharging our groundwater
  • Adding value to our property by merit of proximity

Within the past two years, more specifically, on April 25, 2017, the dedication of the town to the Cary NC Greenway was recognized by “Walk Friendly Communities” (WFC) as a “Silver-Level National Walk Friendly Community.” This according to “is based on community efforts to expand opportunities for walking and improve pedestrian safety across a wide range of programs and activities, from planning and design to outreach and law enforcement.”

The Town of Cary has always supported, and as above noted , continuously sought out ways of developing more opportunities for its residents in regards to active lifestyle and outdoor living. In accordance with the significance of the 40thanniversary, year-long celebration by the town, we will focus on some of the individual Cary NC Greenway throughout the year to help you also become better informed and familiar with your beautiful local surroundings. For a more detailed look at the Cary NC Greenways, including rules, regulations, and so much more, visit the Town of Cary website here.

The Temperature Drops, But the Cary NC Live Events at Koka Booth Amphitheatre are Heating up for the Fall

While many in the area ready themselves for the temperatures to drop as the blistering summer air cools into the change of the season, the upcoming Cary NC Live Events at the beautiful Koka Booth Amphitheatre, located just a few miles up the road from your new home in Preston Retreat, are just getting heated up.

Heading into October, the array of talent in all genres set to take the stage as a part of the Cary NC Live Events at Koka Booth offers a bit of something for everyone under the roof at your new Preston Retreat dream home.

The annual fall tradition that so many look forward to most among Cary NC Live Events, the “Triangle Oktoberfest will take place on both October 6 and 7, with “Picking in the Pines” returning on the 11th with the popular “plucking” sound of the Longleaf Pine Nuts taking the stage at the beautiful amphitheater.

In what is sure to bring the house down with some good old fashioned classic southern style rock-n-roll, the Carolina Uprising show will be maybe the most anticipated of any Cary NC Live Events this fall, when the “Carolina Uprising” concert, boasting such world-famous acts as The Charlie Daniels Band, the Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Pure Prairie League, Poco, and the Scooter Brown Band on the same bill will take place on October 21 with a special 12:00 pm start for a day full of fun.

Rounding out the month of October and the great Cary NC Live Events schedule at Koka Booth Amphitheatre this Fall will be Chris Tomlin, who brings his “Good, Good Father Tour” into town on October 22.

The world class music, food, comedy, and all Cary NC Live Events at Koka Booth amphitheater always provide a great and affordable entertainment option that can be enjoyed by the whole family, right here in Cary, just minutes from the Triangle area’s new standard bearer in luxury home neighborhoods, Preston Retreat. For more information on these and all upcoming shows at Koka Booth, visit their website at For more information on all the incredible new homes currently available at Cary’s Preston Retreat luxury home community, you can visit their website here.