More Accolades Pour in as Cary Takes Spot Among Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in US

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In what is becoming a trend here among annual polls, awards and rankings, the town of Cary continues to be recognized both state wide and nationally, supporting you and your family’s move to the Preston Retreat new luxury home community, most recently being placed in the top five by Smart Asset in their list of the Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US.

The experts at Smart Asset placed Cary as the only North Carolina representative in the top 25 on their Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US, detailing their high ranking in a blog post by Derek Miller at their official website. ( There, Weber explained, “One of the safest cities in the country is also one of the Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US, our data reveals.”

He continued, “Cary has a low poverty rate, low unemployment rate, and a high median income. In each of those metrics, Cary ranks in the top 15.” The piece concluded, “Combined, those three figures show that most households in Cary are in a stable financial position. Employment is plentiful, and most households should be able to save money.”

In the same article covering the Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US, the methods behind the final results that were arrived at are also explained thoroughly as follows. “ To rank the best mid-sized cities in America, we excluded the largest 100 cities in the country, and looked to data for the rest of the cities with a population above 100,000. In total, we examined 173 cities…we compared them across eight metrics.”

The piece then told those eight metrics used in deciphering the top 25 Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US as:

  • Median Home Values
  • Monthly Housing Costs
  • Income Inequality
  • Poverty Rate
  • Median Household Income
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Uninsured Rate
  • Average Commute Time

To see a detailed breakdown with the actual numbers included that landed Cary at number four among the Most Livable Mid-Sized Cities in the US, visit


Top 5 Listing of Most Affordable Cities in NC Places Cary at Number Two


With many of the real estate/living blogs releasing their year-end polls for 2018, it comes as no surprise that the highly decorated town that you now call home at Preston Retreat, Cary, is among many of these listings. This includes the recent study on, placing Cary as the number two town state wide among the Most Affordable Cities in NC

With just one town/city ahead of Cary on the Most Affordable Cities in NC list, and only 5 featured in the article at, the reasoning for Cary’s lofty positioning is explained. “Low unemployment rates are almost as important to a city’s affordability as cheap housing costs. (You need an income to pay for that mortgage!) Cary’s unemployment rate is at 5.6%, the lowest of all the cities on the list.” They go on to say, “…Those who are employed enjoy a significantly high income, with the median household income at $90,250. The city also provides plenty of ways to cut costs, such as multiple public transit options, and numerous parks and nature preserves for free entertainment.”

The blog posting that details the new ranking was written by Livability expert, Stephanie Inman, who gets into the research and analyzation process, stating, “North Carolina is consistently among the top 10 most populated states in the U.S. With excellent job opportunities and a number of outdoor attractions, the state is a huge draw for families, young couples and singles. But higher population usually means higher living costs.”

Inman continues to say, “We considered a number of factors in composing this list, such as earning potential, quality of life, the city’s cost of living compared to the national average, attractions and much more.” She concludes, “…We don’t just mean the cheapest places to live in North Carolina: These are places you will actually want to move to…”

According to their official website, “Livability explores what makes small-to-medium sized cities great places to live.” Going into further detail, they state, “Through proprietary research studies, engaging articles and original photography and video, we examine topics related to community amenities, education, sustainability, transportation, housing and the economy. We then leverage that expertise to develop city rankings for a range of topics.”

For further specifics on Cary’s ranking among the top 5 Most Affordable Cities in NC and to view the entire listing, visit

Deck the Halls and Do it Local at Cary Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair

On Saturday, November 17 frim 9:00 am until 3:00 pm the Senior Center will once again give you a chance to get an early start on your Christmas shopping lists getting taken care of, as the Cary Holiday Arts and Crafts Show will take place just minutes from your new dream home at Preston Retreat, at 120 Maury O’Dell Place in the Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary.

Hosting a wide array of local vendors in many genres of art, the Cary Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair is your outlet to cross of name after name on your holiday shopping list and support the bustling local artists scene in town while doing so. There will be many options to purchase original, one-of-a kind works of art directly from the artists who crafted them at the event.

As a nice twist to the Cary Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, all of the vendors/artists that you will be viewing the pieces made by are your creative and innovative friends and neighbors all of which are over the age of fifty. The Town of Cary at their official website posting detailing this event invite you to “Make a morning of relaxing shopping and sipping hot coffee, all while finding great gifts and decorations that are made with love and care.”

In addition to the fantastic crafts and pieces you will be able to view and buy at the Cary Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, there will also be refreshments being sold at the event by the Cary Teen Council, who once again will be on hand to show their support of the local artists from the Senior Center.

For any further details on the Cary Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, visit the events page at

Photo Credit: Town of Cary